Find all the categories and products we accept to exhibit and sell at London Accessory Week here

We invite designers and makers of all kinds of accessories from all over the world to take part in London Accessory Week in person or online. We have worked with over 800 designers and brands, and we understand each designer is unique and has a different style of showcasing their own creativity. That’s why our opportunities for you are limitless at LAW! You can exhibit a single item or book a whole stand to display an unlimited number of products. If you are unable to attend London Accessory Week in person, you can book curated space and dispatch your products to us and we will take care of the rest for you! Scroll down and choose the option which suits you the most We look forward to showcasing your brands to hundreds of accessory lovers in London and worldwide online!

How to


Exhibit at London Accessory Week

We support creativity and craftsmanship, we have been hosting exhibitions and shows since 2015. We have welcomed more than 6000 fashion lovers to our events. The London Accessory Week 2021 edition exhibition theme is “A new world”. A new world represents the idea of every one of us discovering new talents, strength and energy in us to go through the struggles of the current situation in the world. It is open to all independent accessory designers to apply to exhibit their works. The submitted works need to meet the criteria of either innovative technique,  material, or design concept. The Exhibition takes place at Black Swan Studios, next to the world-famous Fashion & Textile Museum, White Cube Gallery, and other attractions such as Borough Market and The Shard.

The submission deadline is 23rd June 2021. All participating designers and brands need to complete the application form and submit images of the artwork. Accessories will be placed in Special Exhibition Display Zone with Display stand and designer introduction signage during 28th of August –29th of August 2021. Your designer/brand profile will be added to the London Accessory Week partner's guide. In addition to that, designers will get an opportunity to sell the exhibited item on our website TheAccessoryCircle.com for one month. 

The results of whether your application was successful will be announced by 30th June 2021. If your application is accepted, a non-refundable participation fee £100+VAT is payable. If you decide to make your work for sale during the exhibition, a 30% commission will apply when the piece is sold. Please read the Terms and Conditions before you submit your application.

Book spaces to sell in London Accessory Week Virtual Market

Not sure if you would like to sell at the event this year? You have an economic option to participate with a small budget. You can book spaces for only £2+VAT per item to sell at London Accessory Week Virtual Market (hosted by our partner  TheAccessoryCircle.com). Our social media accounts have followers from around the world, and many of them who can’t travel to London would love to shop your collection online. It’s a great opportunity for you to increase customer base, and introduce your products to a new audience base.

The minimum number of items to participate is 10, and 35%  commission applies when items are sold. Please read the Terms and Conditions before you book the spaces.

Book a stand to sell at London Accessory Week

We understand that there haven’t been many sales opportunities due to COVID, and your talent deserves to be seen by the customers. We are hosting an Accessory Market during this year’s event at Black Swan Studios, in London’s latest cultural district where you can find many artisanal restaurants and shops. We have a large mailing list, and over 100K social media followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest, and we would love to introduce your beautiful products to these fashion enthusiasts during London Accessory Week!

By booking a stand, you can design and arrange your own display, showcase an unlimited number of products, jewellery, watches, bags, shoes, eyewear, hats or any type of special accessories you created. To book a table, the cost is £250+VAT for the period 28th August – 29th August 2021. A table  L120 x W60 x H70 will be provided. You would be required to look after the stand, and there will be no sales commission on any items sold. You would also be offered an opportunity to sell up to 30 items on our website TheAccessoryCircle.com for one month. Please read the Terms and Conditions before you book the stand.

List your workshop or studio visit as part of London Accessory Week programme

London Accessory Week offers you an opportunity to list your accessory making, styling workshops, talks, studio visit, or any related activities as part of the 2021 programme (subject to approval) on our websites TheAccessoryCircle.com, LondonAccessoryWeek.com and TheHatCircle.com for a small cost of £50+VAT. We would promote your events to over our massive following of customers, and take care of the booking administration (30% commission applies). You can just enjoy what you are best at, preparing the workshops and giving the accessory lovers an opportunity to learn from you or get to know your brand during London Accessory Week. Your event will be listed on our websites for one year, so we can continue to raise awareness for your businesses, and drive traffic to your websites and social media accounts.

Please read the Terms and Conditions.

Book spaces to sell your products at London Accessory Week Market (if you can't join us in person)

We invite all types of accessory brands and designers from all over the world to showcase their work at London’s one of the most exceptional events dedicated to accessories. We know what it means to you to be able to showcase your products in London, and travelling might not be an option for you at this time. We have more than 5 years of experience, have showcased over 8000 items and worked with over 800 designers from around the world. You can simply send the products to us, and we will take care of displaying them with props and sell to the accessory lovers from London and beyond.


The minimum quantity to sell at London Accessory Week is 10 items, price starting from £90+VAT, per item cost is in the range of £8+VAT to £13.5+VAT per item depending on the size and number of items. We will curate the space, and arrange the display using props ready for the customers to shop. Our staff will take care of everything for you. 25% sales commission applies on items sold during the event. Your accessories will be displayed during 28th of August – 29th of August 2021. You also will get an opportunity to sell exhibited items on our website TheAccessoryCircle.com for one month. Please read the Terms and Conditions before you book the spaces.

List your stores on London Accessory Week Shopping Guide and on The Accessory Circle

This is an opportunity for you to give your brand exposure to a wider audience through our Shopping Guide. We will list your store on our website along with a short introduction of your brand, as well as including your retail address on the official map, so we can invite the accessories enthusiasts to visit and shop from you. If you ever wanted to showcase your collection to a huge worldwide audience - list your store on LAW Shopping Guide and our websites TheAccessoryCircle.com and

LondonAccessoryWeek.com for only £15+VAT.

The listing is for one year, please read the Terms and Conditions before you book the slot.

Small Items

Jewellery, Watches, Small Bag, Bath & Beauty, Sunglasses, Candles & Diffusers, Fragrances,

Belts, Ties & Cufflinks , Socks, other Accessories, Home Decor Items.

Length + Width + Depth under 60cm (e.g.20x20x20cm)

Large Items

Handbag, Hats, Shoes, Technology & Stationary, Scarves & Gloves, Home Decor, Christmas Décor, Art & Mirrors,

Bed & Cushions, Kitchen & Dining, Outdoor & Gardening, other Accessories.

Length + Width + Depth under 90cm (e.g. 30x30x30cm)