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You’re invited to sell or exhibit your fashion, home, or personal (beauty, body care) accessory products at London Accessory Week, in person or online. You can participate even if you are not based in London or the UK. The event will be held at Chelsea Old Town Hall located on London’s King’s Road where affluent fashion lovers live and work nearby. It is a busy shopping street associated with fashion figures Mary Quant and Vivienne Westwood. It combines the royal history of its origins with as the birthplace of the 20th Century’s most iconic cultural and fashion movements.

We have worked with over 1000 brands, hosted 19 events, and welcomed over 9000 customers to our fashion events since 2014. 

We would love to introduce your brand to our audience through these options to support you. 

Seller Booking Options





Sell & fulfill from anywhere

New customer base

Raise brand awareness


Manage your own pitch

Connect with customers

No commission charged


​Send items to be sold

No need to be in London

We take care of display

(for 2 days)


Apply from anywhere

Tell your story

Showoff on website and social


​Raise brand awareness

Interview & advert feature

Shop Recommendation


Drive traffic to you​

Be a part of official programme

Showcase your skills




Price does not include tax.
By booking your spaces, you agree to the terms & conditions.

Find all the categories and products we accept to participate at London Accessory Week here. See FAQ here!

  • Market Pitch | An opportunity to meet and sell your products to customers at London Accessory Week in Chelsea. You can book a “Market Pitch”, decorate your own stand, and tell your brand story in person while enjoying 0% sales commission.


  • Market Spaces | Sell your products to London fashion lovers even if you can’t travel to attend the event in person. You can book “Market Spaces” and simply send your products to be displayed and sold on your behalf at London Accessory Week 2023. 25% commission + VAT on sold items apply.


  • Exhibition | You are invited to showcase your most proud designs in the special “Exhibition” zone at London Accessory Week. We support creativity and craftsmanship and we have been hosting exhibitions and shows since 2014, your design deserves to be admired by our visitors.


  • Virtual Market | Not sure if you are ready to sell at London Accessory Week? You have an economical option to participate with a small budget. You can book spaces for only £3+VAT per item to sell at the Virtual Market. You will be given an online store (worth £50), and your own designer/brand profile to tell our audience your story. 35% commission + VAT on sold items apply.


  • Magazine/ Shopping Guide & Feature | An opportunity to be featured in London Accessory Week 2023 official Shopping Guide - The Circle Magazine. There are options including being featured on our social media accounts for only £15+VAT and listing your store in our guide for only £25+VAT. This is a great option to show off your interview or full-page advert feature with your followers and customers on social media.

  • Event Listing | Do you run accessory-making workshops and love sharing your passion with fashion lovers? Or would you like to offer store visits, studio tours, and other workshops or talks to our fashion-loving customers or accessory designers, so they can get to know your brand and purchase from you.

London Accessory Week 2023 Shopping Guide

London Accessory Week 2022 Shoppin Guide

Additional Information

Additional Information



We support creativity and craftsmanship, we have been hosting exhibitions and shows since 2015. We have welcomed more than 10,000 fashion lovers to our events. The London Accessory Week 2023 edition exhibition theme is “Memories". What memories inspire your design? Be it special moments, places you have been to, objects you have come across, or books you have read, we would like to hear the story of how your accessory or art was born. The exhibition is open to all independent accessory designers to apply to exhibit their works. The submitted works need to meet the criteria of either innovative technique,  material, or design concept. The Exhibition takes place at Chelsea Old Town Hall, on King's Road, where there are thousands of fashion lovers living and working nearby.​​​


Market Pitch

The best option if you can be in London. You will have your own Market Pitch at London Accessory Week. A table and a chair will be provided for you. You can fit as many products on the table as you wish, as long as they look beautiful. If you are selling fashion items, instead of using our table you can bring your own clothes rail for display (the rail must fit into the space e.g. 1 x 180cm long rail for single pitch, 2 x 180 cm long rail for double pitch), and no table will be allowed in the space. There is no commission, this means you get to keep all sales proceedings. You have the option to choose single or double pitches, you could also opt for a full feature package to maximise the opportunity to gain brand exposure. Booking a Market Pitch, you will be offered 30 Virtual Market listings to sell in our Virtual Market, until the end of the year. What's better, you will enjoy a complimentary membership joining fee which is worth £50. Please fill out the Participant Form within 10 days after booking, and set up your Virtual Store before 15th April 2023.


Market Spaces

Simply send us your products to be sold at London Accessory Week. We will take care of display props, and staff to sell, we will also take care of card payments. By booking this option, you will be given the same number of Virtual Market listings, so you can enjoy selling at the event, as well as online for more customers to see and shop your products. It's a new international sales opportunity for you. 25% only commission on sales. Accessory and beauty items - Small item max size Length + Width + Depth under 60cm (e.g.20x20x20cm) Large item max item size Length + Width + Depth under 90cm (e.g.30x30x30cm). For fashion brands, you have the option to book a 150cm long rail to sell your clothing products (maximum of 20 items, if the items are bulky, we can only fit as many items as possible to the rail, and extra items won't be displayed). Booking Market Space, you will be offered the same number of Virtual Market listings to sell in our Virtual Market, until the end of June. What's better, you will enjoy a complimentary membership joining fee which is worth £50. Please fill out the Participant Form within 10 days after booking, set up your Virtual Store, and inventory and items to arrive by 15th April 2023 unless a special arrangement has been made in advance.


Virtual Market

This is the most economical way to participate in London Accessory Week. It does not require you to send the items to us. You will ship and fulfil orders from your home/office. The Virtual Market will be hosted on (hats and fashion) or (accessories and beauty). This option also gives you a complimentary membership joining fee which is (worth £50). We have a user-friendly seller panel which allows you to set your own shipping cost, price and the flexibility to amend your listings anytime. You can replenish add new stock once they are sold so you can sell more. ​Sales proceeding payout is paid to you at end of the month (the items must be delivered for at 14 days by end of the month to be eligible for that month's payout). Payout will be sent via Paypal in GBP. Please fill out the Participant Form within 10 days after booking, and set up your Virtual Store before 15th April 2023.


Official Magazine/ Shopping Guide Feature

Want to increase brand awareness and gain publicity? You can list your store as a shopping destination to reach new customers in The Circle magazine/ Shopping Guide. You can choose to have an interview feature to increase brand awareness. The feature is great to show off on social media to your followers and customers. You also have the option to have a full-page advert in the magazine. The Shopping Guide will be published in both print and digital. The features give your brand the recognition you deserve. Please fill out the Participant Form within 10 days after booking.


Host Event, Workshop, Tour, or Sponsor the Event

London Accessory Week offers you an opportunity to become a Sponsor and/or list your accessory making, styling workshops, talks, studio visit, or any related activities as part of the official 2023 programme (subject to approval) on our websites,, and We will promote your events to over our massive following of customers, and take care of the booking administration. You can just enjoy what you are best at, preparing the workshops and giving the accessory lovers an opportunity to learn from you or get to know your brand during London Accessory Week. Your event will be listed on our websites for one year, so we can continue to raise awareness for your businesses, and drive traffic to your websites and social media accounts. For more details, please feel free to get in touch with us via We look forward to promoting your brand.


Small Items (Length + Width + Depth under 60cm)

Jewellery, Watches, Small Bag, Bath & Beauty, Sunglasses, Candles & Diffusers, Fragrances, Belts, Ties & Cufflinks , Socks, other Accessories, Home Decor Items. Length + Width + Depth under 60cm (e.g.20x20x20cm)

Large Items (Length + Width + Depth under 90cm)

Handbag, Hats, Shoes, Technology & Stationary, Scarves & Gloves, Home Decor, Christmas Décor, Art & Mirrors, Bed & Cushions, Kitchen & Dining, Outdoor & Gardening, other Accessories. Length + Width + Depth under 90cm (e.g. 30x30x30cm)

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