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Seller Exhibitor FAQs

General Questions


What is London Accessory Week about? Who organises it?                                                                      

London Accessory Week is a virtual event this year, where participants can showcase their workpiece on the virtual exhibition or list their items on our online platform to sell them. It is a celebration of fashion accessories, showcasing pieces from independent designers from all over the globe! - Presented by X Terrace @xterrace. We have been organising fashion events since 2014.


Where can I find information and pictures of your previous events?                                                               

You are welcome to visit @accessory_week on Instagram and our sister brand pages @xterrace @thehatcircle @accessory_circle to enjoy some highlights from our previous exhibitions, markets, fashion shows, and pop-up shops!


How can I take part in London Accessory Week?                                                                                                     

If you are a designer or brand, you are invited to apply to showcase at the virtual exhibition or sell your products at the virtual market online. Furthermore, you can list your store or be featured in a social media post, store feature, an interview, product recommendations, or full-page advert as part of our official Accessory Shopping Guide - The Circle magazine! Booking is open now, book soon as spaces are limited.

How do you promote the event?

We promote our events through paid Ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and our newsletters. We reserve the right to adjust our marketing strategy to focus on certain platforms only according to ad performance. We post daily on London Accessory Week accounts across Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. We also promote this event through our e-commerce websites,, Pinterest, and newsletters to our subscribers and customers.

Who or where can I contact if I have inquiries?

We currently don’t support a phone call service. We are more than happy to answer all the questions you may have over email. You can also get in touch with us through If it's outside working hours, we will respond to you when we are back online. We are usually responsive, so you can expect a response within 48 hours, if not sooner. Please do not send DMs on social media channels, as the inboxes are not monitored.


What is the deadline for filling out the Participant Form and setting up Virtual Store?

Participant Form - Please fill it out within 10 days after booking. 

Virtual Store - Please set up your store by 1st May 2023, so our audience can see your products prior to the event.

How do I list my event/workshop as part of London Accessory Week?

Please visit London Accessory Week website "Exhibit" page for information, we will be in touch to ask you to fill in an event form. Once we received the form and confirmed your event is suitable to be listed as London Accessory Week official event, we will then list your event on, and promote it to our audience on social media and mailing list!


Questions about fees and other financial aspects


What is the fee per product to SELL at London Accessory Week Virtual Market?

£3+VAT each per product to list on the website Virtual Market (min. 10 items). We will also give you a complimentary Designer Profile on The sooner you book your spaces, the sooner you can start selling your products all the way to the end of June 2023!


Can I sell art? What are the acceptable types of products?

Yes! Accessories include jewellery, bags, eyewear, shoes, home decor and accessories, beauty and other accessories for everyone, including pets 🙂 If you are not sure whether your products will be accepted, just drop us a message or email, or visit the product categories page.

Do you take any other commissions or fees besides the participation fees?

If you plan to have your own Market Pitch at London Accessory Week, there will be no commission charged for items sold during the event; you get to keep all sales proceedings made at the event. 

For items sold through London Accessory Week Market (Market Spaces), you will receive funds for any items sold (less a 25% commission, plus VAT). For example, if you sold an item for £100, you will receive £70. £100 - 25% (+VAT). For items sold through London Accessory Week Virtual Market (Virtual Market Spaces), you will receive funds for any items sold (less a 35% commission, plus VAT). For example, if you sold an item for £100, you will receive £58. £100 - 35% (+VAT). So price accordingly! We will prepare the display, staff, packaging, and take card payments on your behalf. You won't have to travel and pay for accommodation, just send us your products. If you have a UK bank account, you will receive funds via bank transfer. If you are outside the UK, funds will be sent by PayPal only (please ensure you have an active PayPal account). 


Do I need to pay to participate?

Yes, all the information regarding payments and other details can be found on Exhibit page of our website. We have several options including investing as little as £3+VAT to sell in the Virtual Market and be a part of London Accessory Week 2023. Book now


How much does it cost to have a stand/table to sell at London Accessory Week?

It’s £350+VAT to have your own stand at London Accessory Week. If you would like to book a double stand, you can save £100+VAT and enjoy a double spacious space to display all your products! Booking can be made here.

Does the Market Pitch & Market Spaces booking fee for both days?

Yes. Market Spaces and Market Pitch bookings are for both days, 13-14 May. For a single Market Pitch, it's £350+VAT; for a Double Market Pitch, it's £550+VAT (£100 saving). 

How does the payout work?

The payout takes place at the end of every month. All delivered to the customer orders past the 14 days return period get added to that month's payout. For example, if a sale was made and the item was delivered to the customer on the 1st of March, and if the customer doesn't return the item after 15th March, this order payout will be included at the end of March payout. However, if the day (after 14 days UK legal return period) falls on, for example, the 20th of the month, the payout will be added to the following month.

Are the bookings refundable or transferrable? 

When booking your market pitch, market spaces, virtual market spaces, or features, once booked, it is non-exchangeable, non-refundable. A lot of work goes on behind the scenes which makes refunds and exchanges not feasible and complex to manage; therefore once your booking is confirmed, please keep a note in your diary and prioritise these dates as refunding will sadly not be offered. Furthermore, if you book for the event and have an unsuccessful day of sales on day one, we are unfortunately unable to offer a refund for your remaining date(s). 


Questions about Market Pitch

How many staff are allowed to be on the pitch?

One staff is recommended, as it will give you enough space to store more products for replenishment. However, if you wish to bring another staff, 2 is the maximum allowed. Please email us your team member's full name to request an additional pass before 14th April 2023.


Can I share a Market Pitch with someone?

We will only be able to feature one brand on social media as part of the service provided to a Market Pitch seller, and you will only be given one Virtual Market account. However, on the weekend of the event, you can come with your friend to set up and sell as each pitch is allowed to have up to two staff. You will not be allowed to take down your pitch and have someone else set up their products for the next day. 


To work around not being able to feature both brands, perhaps you could consider the below options:

What is the difference between an Exhibition and a Market Pitch? 

We are responsible for displaying props, setup and take down, and sales of your products (if applicable) during the event if you choose an Exhibition. You do not need to be present in person at the event if you chose to participate in the Exhibition. You are responsible for displaying props, setup, take down, and sales of your own products during the event if you choose a Market Pitch.

What do I have to do as a Market Pitch seller? 

You are responsible for display props, setup, taking down, and sales of your own products during the event if you choose a Market Pitch. A table and a chair will be provided. You can display as many items as you wish, as long as they look beautifully displayed. You will not be able to use other display props behind or next to your table, as this would interfere with other sellers' selling space. The Market Pitch table size for this event is 180cm x 60cm - 50% larger than our previous event's table size. 

You will receive event set-up instructions via email; please read them carefully and add to your contact list to ensure you do not miss any communication.

Can I use a cloth rail instead of a table?

Each pitch can contain either a table or a cloth rail. If you intend to use a cloth rail, you will need to bring your own, and no table will be allowed in the space.

Do you provide a card payment service if I don't have a card machine?

As a Market Pitch seller, we DO NOT charge any commission from your sales. This means you get to keep all the earnings. If you do not own a card machine, we could take the payment on your behalf. If you plan to bring a non-UK-issued card payment machine, it’s likely that it won’t work for UK customers’ credit cards. We will have a card payment desk for the customers to pay, and the earnings will be paid to you 7 days after the event via Paypal should you wish to use this service. A payment receipt will be given to the customer once they have paid for the item, and they will take that and go back to collect the item from you. For any card payments taken on your behalf, there will be a 5% flat fee + VAT for every transaction). 

What will the stalls look like?

Take a look at our previous event gallery on Exhibit page (below booking options) or @accessory_week on Instagram to have a better idea.

To what extent can one personalise their stall?

You can decorate your table space creatively as long as it's within the boundaries and does not disturb the sellers next to your stall. It is a business-to-customer selling event, not a trade fair, so our advice is to keep the stand simple and let your customers experience your products and get to know your brand.  

What is the table size?

A table will be provided to you, for a single, you get a table 180cm x 60cm, and for a double, you will get two tables (or tables of equivalent size). 

Questions about Market Space

When and how do I send my products to you after booking my market spaces?

We will contact you and give you all the details once you have booked.


Should I book small or large spaces?

If your item can be displayed beautifully in the space of Length + Width + Depth under 60cm (e.g.20x20x20cm) you should book Small Spaces. But, if it is larger and you need space of Length + Width + Depth up to 90cm (e.g.30x30x30cm) you should book Large Spaces.

Can I sell fashion clothing products at the event? 

Yes, you have the option to book a 150cm wide clothes rail to display your clothing items (up to 20 items allowed). If your products are bulky, we will fit as many as possible, but we won't be able to display the extra items. You could also opt to have a Market Pitch to sell in person. You can opt to not have the table but to bring your own clothes rail to display your items. 

My square silk scarves are 90x90cm when flat but draped or folded to a much smaller size eg: under 90cm. Please can you advise me?

Small spaces will be sufficient if the item can be displayed within the space of the small item Length + Width + Depth under 60cm (e.g.20x20x20cm). 


How many spaces can I book?

You can book 10, 20, 30 or more spaces for the in-person market and Virtual Market to sell online (10 minimum), one space is for one item. You can decide the spaces based on how many products you would like to be displayed. You can book a Market Pitch and sell as many items as you can fit into the given space if you are able to participate in person. You also have the option to have a double Market Pitch for you to display even more items. View your options and book now! Limited spaces for some options, book soon to avoid disappointment!

Is it possible to replace a sold item with a new item?

You can send up to 3 extra items as replenishment items for the Market Spaces booking; when one of your items is sold we will replace it for you. For example, if you booked 20 items, you can send up to 23 items; if you booked 10 items, you could send up to 13 items. 

What is the deadline for posting my products?

Market space items are to arrive by the 7th of April, please email to let us know the courier name, tracking number and tracking link. Please note the office will be closed from 10th-20th April so no one will be available to receive parcels. If you encounter difficulties and your parcel can only arrive after 20th April, please email us via to inform us.

How will you return unsold items?

Unsold items will be returned to you by ourselves, and we will invoice you for the cost price of the shipping. We will use one of the following couriers: Royal Mail, Parcel Force, FedEx, UPS, DHL, or DPD. Unless you request otherwise, your items will be sent using the cheapest option. We will insure the value you specify in the seller form; if not filled in, we will insure average of your product cost for up to £50 per item when shipping back to you. 

Questions about Virtual Market


How long will my items be sold online in the Virtual Market?

As soon as we receive your inventory form we will list the items online, they will be listed online until the end of June 2023, even after London Accessory Week. You will be given an option to continue running your own store on our e-commerce website after that with a special offer. 

How can I participate if I am not in London?

If you are not able to participate in person you can book 10, 20, 30, or more Market Spaces. You can simply send the products to us, and we will take care of the rest for you (including display, sales, taking payment, and packaging for the customers). You can also book Virtual Market listings to sell at London Fashion Home Beauty Christmas Market for only £3+VAT per item (hosted by our partner (accessories, homeware, beauty) or (clothing, hats). You can also participate by listing your store on the London Accessory Week 2023 Shopping Guide. Here is the link for you to view your options and book. 


Can I list variations under one listing? I have many colours of the same style.

Yes, you can list different sizes, and colours under one listing. Our seller panel has a comprehensive selling function, you can even list them with different prices if a certain size is priced higher than the other.

Is it possible to replace a sold item with a new item in the Virtual Market?

You can replenish unlimited (under your total booked number of listings) items yourself when items are sold through Virtual Market. 

How can I update my items on your Virtual Market?

After a booking is confirmed, you will be given login details of a store of your own within a few days. You will be able to list your items straight away and start selling! We have a seller guide which will be shared with you.

Questions about Shopping Guide


What is a Shopping Guide?

Our Shopping Guide - The Circle Magazine includes the best selection of brands of the event and their introduction. The printed copies are distributed at our events, and the digital copies are distributed to customers who are on our mailing list. The 2000 printed copies of the Shopping Guides were given out to customers and visitors who came to our events in 2022. 

Where can I see a Shopping Guide example?


If you haven't seen an example of our previous Shopping Guide, you can go to the booking information page and scroll down to the end to view it at on here.

How to be featured in the Shopping Guide?

You can book the Feature option here. Our team will get in touch with you when the booking is accepted and confirmed. 

Questions about the Event Venue


Where is London Christmas Fashion, Home, Beauty Market taking place?

The event is taking place at the Chelsea Old Town Hall - The building was commissioned to replace a mid-19th-century vestry hall on King's Road, which had been designed by William Willmer Pocock in the Italianate style for the Parish of St Luke's. Chelsea Town Hall is a municipal building on King's Road, Chelsea, London. The oldest part is a Grade II* listed building. It's a business-to-customer event, hence the prime location in Chelsea where fashionable customers are active. Located on the fashionable King's Road, Chelsea Old Town Hall is a short distance from Sloane Square and South Kensington Underground Stations. 


How is the Market Pitch allocated?

The pitches will be allocated by our curation team, and the venue is gorgeous and everywhere is accessible by the customers. We will ensure that every brand has the best visibility possible.

Can I sell food or beverage at the London Fashion Home Beauty Christmas Market?

You can, indeed. Only packaged food and beverages, however, can be sold. On-site food and beverages are not permitted. At the venue, no cooking or preparation of any kind is permitted. Allergens must be clearly labelled on your stall. You must have the required licences and meet trade standards. More information can be found at Drinks and food are not for consumption on the premises. Only packaged food and drinks are allowed to be sold at the market. Alcoholic drinks are not permitted to be sold to anyone under age of 18. It is the seller's responsibility to check ID.

Feedback or Complaint

Providing feedback?

If you have any feedback, please email us at


Submitting a complaint?

Should you have any complaint in respect of the X Terrace event, you are strictly required to abide by our rules and regulations of X Terrace procedure of complaints by emailing to us the complaints within seven (7) days from the date of expiration of X Terrace event at

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