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Seller Exhibitor FAQs

General Questions


What is London Accessory Week about? Who organises it?                                                                      

London Accessory Week is a virtual event this year, where participants can showcase their workpiece on the virtual exhibition or list their items on our online platform to sell them. It is a celebration of fashion accessories, showcasing pieces from independent designers from all over the globe! - Presented by X Terrace @xterrace. We have been organising fashion events since 2014.


Where can I find information and pictures of your previous events?                                                               

You are welcome to visit @accessory_week on Instagram and our sister brand pages @xterrace @thehatcircle @accessory_circle to enjoy some highlights from our previous exhibitions, markets, fashion shows, and pop-up shops!


How can I take part in London Accessory Week?                                                                                                     

If you are a designer or brand, you are invited to apply to showcase at the virtual exhibition or sell your products at the virtual market online. Furthermore, you can list your store or be featured in a social media post, store feature, an interview, product recommendations, or full-page advert as part of our official Accessory Shopping Guide - The Circle magazine! Booking is open now, book soon as spaces are limited.

How do you promote the event?

We promote our events through paid Ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and our newsletters. We reserve the right to adjust our marketing strategy to focus on certain platforms only according to ad performance. We post daily on London Accessory Week accounts across Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. We also promote this event through our e-commerce websites,, Pinterest, and newsletters to our subscribers and customers.

Whom can I contact if I have inquiries?

We currently don’t support a phone call service. We are more than happy to answer all the questions you may have over email at If it's outside working hours, we will respond to you when we are back online. We are usually responsive, so you can expect a response within 48 hours, if not sooner. Please do not send DMs on social media channels, as the inboxes are not monitored.


What is the deadline for filling out the Participant Form and setting up Virtual Store?

Participant Form - Please fill it out within 10 days after booking. 

Virtual Store - Please set up your store by 31st May 2024. ​​

Questions about Virtual Market


How long will my items be sold online in the Virtual Market?

As soon as we receive your inventory form  and completed the set-up process, you will be given an account to list your products, they will be listed online until the end of September 2024, even after London Accessory Week. You will be given an option to continue running your own store on our e-commerce website after that with a special offer. 

How can I participate if I am not in London?

You don’t have to be in London to participate. It is a virtual event which everyone will be able to access in any part of the world. You can book for a Virtual Exhibition to showcase your workpiece or Virtual Market listings to sell at London Accessory Week Virtual Market for only £3+VAT per item (hosted by our partner (accessories, homeware, beauty) or (clothing, hats). You can also participate by listing your store on the London Accessory Week 2024 Shopping Guide. Here is the link for you to view your options and book. 


Can I list variations under one listing? I have many colours of the same style.

Yes, you can list different sizes, and colours under one listing. Our seller panel has a comprehensive selling function, you can even list them with different prices if a certain size is priced higher than the other.

Is it possible to replace a sold item with a new item in the Virtual Market?

You can replenish unlimited (under your total booked number of listings) items yourself when items are sold through Virtual Market. 

How can I update my items on your Virtual Market?

After a booking is confirmed, you will be given set-up instructions of a seller account of your own within a few days. You will be able to list your items straight away and start selling! We have a seller guide which will be shared with you.

Questions about Shopping Guide


What is a Shopping Guide?

Our Shopping Guide - The Circle Magazine includes the best selection of brands of the event and their introduction. The printed copies are distributed at our events (or selected households in London during virtual events), and the digital copies are distributed to customers who are on our mailing list. There were 2000 printed copies of the Shopping Guides given out to customers and visitors who came to our events in 2022. 

Where can I see a Shopping Guide example?

If you haven't seen an example of our previous Shopping Guide, you can go to the booking information page and scroll down to the end to view it at on here.

How to be featured in the Shopping Guide?

You can book the Feature option here. Our team will get in touch with you when the booking is accepted and confirmed. 

Feedback or Complaint

Providing feedback?

If you have any feedback, please email us at


Submitting a complaint?

Should you have any complaint in respect of the X Terrace event, you are strictly required to abide by our rules and regulations of X Terrace procedure of complaints by emailing to us the complaints within seven (7) days from the date of expiration of X Terrace event at

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