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Haidee Neill

Usually called disc or saucer hats, these wide-brimmed circular designed hats are larger than a hair fascinator but smaller than a hat. It’s something between a hat and fascinators that makes it a hatinator. How clever is that!

Back in the 30s, the saucer hats were used to be called the “cartwheel” hats and were largely popular as they made their debut in many films and fashion during the years leading up to WWI. These incredible headpieces could be made in a variety of materials such as straw or felt.

Monique Lee Millinery

Now, wondering where to wear a hatinator?

Well, what makes the hatinator special is the fact that it is typically worn at an angle for the purpose to show off the curve of the brim. Although disc and saucer hats are likely to be worn for special occasions like weddings by the Mother of the Bride or Groom, you can also wear them as traditional ladies hats using a headband or hair clip for race days such as Ascot.

With love,

London Accessory Week Team.


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