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If you’re a true hat lover, then hats are the first thing in your mind when the season starts to change.

As we shift from the dark and cold winter days to the lighter, warmer days of Spring, we start to get excited about adding a pop of colours to our outfit. And the best way to add that colour is headwear, perhaps a vintage printed scarf, or a bright headband or a summer hat, because why not! Headwear is not just an additional accessory to your look, it is also an alternative way of sun protection.

We picked out wonderful Spring-Summer hats that would not only protect you from the sun but would also add an extra something to your outfit. Read on to discover the hats that would gracefully elevate your Spring - Summer look!

Boater Hat

The boater hat has been normally worn by sailors. This wonderful design made of straw is perfect to put on in summer, with its rather large flat edges and flat crown it gives a vintage and trendy look.

Visor Caps

This entirely handmade visor cap with colourful details is an excellent ally if you are passionate about outdoor sports such as Tennis, this also called sun cap will protect your face and eyes from the sun in a fashionable way.


Headbands are the most worn accessories during summer especially during special occasions, their minimalistic look yet pretty gives a soft and natural look to your outfit.

Wide brim hat

This 100% natural straw hat is THE accessory for your next tropical holidays. The wide brim hat is an excellent protector from the sun, and it can also be folded away for travelling.

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London Accessory Week Team.


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