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Although there is a jewellery etiquette that has a couple of rules on how to match your accessories to your outfit, occasion, the shape of the face, hairdo, colours, and many nuances, WE are here to break the pre-existing rules. At The Accessory Circle, #abovetheordinary is the new norm.

It is all about mood, personality, and how to express yourself uniquely.


Combine a statement pair of earrings with a no-makeup look, to keep it fresh, elevated, and modern. Wear your favourite oversized jacket with a plain top and a pair of low waist classic trousers with a great fit on hips but a flowy texture on the move. Put on your heeled mules with square toes and you are ready, hopefully not just to take a stroll around your house, but to go soon in the city.

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TIP NUMBER TWO - Black liner situation

If you feel edgier these days, there is nothing more satisfying than a lined eye and a pair of sickening earrings. Combine the earrings to add dynamism and a note of playfulness and line your eyes to complement the look and catch attention. Channel your romantic side with a plain colour dress from your wardrobe or your wish list, waiting to be bought. Embrace your fresh washed curls or messy hair and have a relaxed yet fashionable and edgy look.

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Reformation picture source Reformation

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TIP NUMBER THREE - #everydaydecadence

Home and nowhere to go? This doesn't mean you can’t live like it is your best life, now. Combining statement jewellery with an everyday comfort aesthetic is the thing you need to try. Elevate your basics or even your PJ like a pro by over-accessorising. Put on your best-bedazzled earrings, necklaces and observe how your mood and behaviour has changed. You are ready for your next Zoom meeting, and the best thing is that you need no makeup.

@wfhfits picture source@wfhfits

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Valentina from The Accessory Circle


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