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RUBY8WEAVER® Spirited Designs for the Conscious Soul | London Accessory Week

Tell us a little about your brand. Who are you, what products do you offer?

Hi! I'm Lisa Eve, a Spiritual Teacher, Healing Facilitator, and Visionary. The logo came together from literal dreams and a call to learn more about Sacred Geometry and the patterns we see throughout nature and life.

Choose from apparel and accessories such as scarves, swimwear, and leather clutch bags to travel goods such as carry-on spinner suitcases, fanny packs, eye masks, and journals, or home decor with silent sweeping clocks and luxury drink coasters.

What are your sources of inspiration?

Nature is my inspiration, and we are nature, part of it, and in it. I close my eyes and see the pattern of the Flower of Life. I see circles, triangles, squares, and spirals every day, and I am often inspired to look for the deeper meanings of any patterns I might see. Nature defines my energy, and we all have an opportunity to study and learn more about ourselves from what we see and experience amongst nature's leaves, flowers, and forests. This is a starting point of reference.

Image: RUBY8WEAVER® Products

Which product or service is your favourite? Tell us the story behind it.

I love the versatility and functionality of the Leather Clutch Bags, Adjustable Eye Masks, Bandanas, and Bikinis. As someone who frequently travels, I find great value in their compactness and ability to make a fashionable statement. It's worth noting that the Leather Clutch Bags are also available in a vegan leather option, catering to individuals who prioritize eco-conscious choices.

What are your tips for customers who are interested in your products?

The designs created by RUBY8WEAVER® were crafted with a unique intention; they resonate with high-dimensional frequencies meant to connect with your heart. Like selecting an oracle or Tarot card, allow these designs to speak to you. You can read their meanings and the accompanying channelled messages on the website for a deeper understanding.

Image: RUBY8WEAVER® Founder

Image: RUBY8WEAVER® Product

How do you feel about participating in the Christmas Market? Anything else you want to share?

I was truly honoured and grateful when I received an invitation to be part of the Christmas Market. Our process from production to shipment is made within one facility in the UK so that the impact of waste on the environment is minimal.

At RUBY8WEAVER®, we firmly believe that in a world filled with countless options, it is essential to invest in something you love. I wish you and your family self-love, happiness, and joy this holiday season.

Image: RUBY8WEAVER® Products

Image: RUBY8WEAVER® Products


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