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There are so many types of bags in so many styles, shapes and colours. It’s really difficult to choose one as it’s the most essential accessory when it comes to styling and following the trend, isn’t it? We love everything about them, love to shop them, love to carry them, and most of all, we love to flaunt them. So here let us share some must have bags which every wardrobe should hold.

1. Cross body bag – a perfect selection for your everyday look. Cross body bags are very stylish and easy to carry. These amazing crossbodies are not going anywhere in the near century, we promise! So, it’s undoubtedly a perfect staple bag for your wardrobes.

2. The tote bag – a great choice for a versatile look. Going to the office? Meeting a friend? Heading out for shopping? So you need just one bag. The classic tote! Such a useful accessory when you have to carry so many things and also try to look stylish in every possible way.

3. The clutch – if you are worried about finishing your look for an evening party or for a formal setting? The clutch is a perfect saviour. You can never go wrong with a timeless and effortless clutch bag. They give you that bold yet subtle look at the parties.

4. The backpack – the ideal bag for a long day of exploring. Backpacks are great and carry essentials with stylish options. There’s so much you can do with backpacks. They are not just for kids in school anymore but a very stylish everyday piece for youngsters nowadays.

Now you know which bag styles are a must-have for your wardrobe. About the colour and size – they are totally up to you and your personality!

Wondering where to look for them? Visit our shop now and thank us later! ☺

WARNING – you might end up buying all four styles. Because happiness is buying a new bag. Agree?


Jyoti from The Accessory Circle Team


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