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Unleash Your Dreams With Valkyrie Gems & Beads | London Accessories

How did you start your jewellery brand?

I was really excited about all the new things, especially all the luxury jewellery brands from all around the world, I must say almost all brands have stores in Hongkong. They are very nice and of course very expensive as well. As a housewife with no income, I couldn’t afford to pay for those fancy jewellery so I took the Jewellery Course and made my own jewellery. A couple of months later my brand Valkyrie Gems Beads was born. I chose the name Valkyrie because I want all the women out there to feel that they are strong and capable to do anything they want and make their dream come true.

Do you have a signature style? Tell us about your most popular designs!

La Fleur Necklace is our signature that is inspired by an Apricot flower with 5 petals, around the edge is dew from early morning. It comes with many types of different gemstones and mother pearls are our best sellers.

What's your go-to advice for styling accessories?

I think, when it comes to jewellery, there is no limit or standard to tell you what to wear, as long as you like it and it makes you happy. People always say you should match the colour of our accessories to the colour you're wearing, for example, if you're wearing something in red, then you should choose the same tone of red, black or white to complete the look. On one hand, I agree. On the other hand, I always tell my customers to go for what they feel is right, something which makes them confident to step out!

We heard that your products are entirely handmade! Can you walk us through the process of creating the designs?

Every product from my brand is handmade so it takes a fair while to finish a product. For our gemstone beads, we start with choosing the highest quality gemstones, which we source from all around the world. We then use a tool to cut the stone into the bead shape and finish by polishing the stone. The next step is to input the silver core. We start with cleaning the silver, applying a layer of protection for the metal to anti- oxidise and then using our handmade tool to do the coring. Last but not the least, quality checking. Only the products which pass our standard quality checks can be sold. Any products that do not pass the quality checks are kept in the lucky beads jars. I don’t want to throw away any beads because to me it has energy inside and we work hard to make them, so we keep it as decoration!

What are your future plans? Do you have any exciting projects or new collections underway? Tell us about it!

I will launch a few new designs of silver charms beads in the next couple of months. I did it last year and I think now is a good time to get it ready for the market. I am sure the customers will love the designs because all of my products have a story behind them. I would like to give a coupon to all readers for a 25% discount which will be valid at till the end of October 2022. Coupon code: OFF25


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