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Unleashing The Power Of Pearls With The Pearl Ladie | London Accessory Week

Could you tell me a bit more about your brand?

The Pearl Ladie was started in 2019 to sell embellished sandals. These sandals are constructed of faux pearls and patent leather. They are comfortable and come in a variety of colours to match everyday wear as well as a night out on the town. After year one of the business, we added other accessories such as handbags and bow ties. These are from imported West African fabric. The accessories of handbags and bow ties originate from African fabrics. These fabrics carry a wealth of culture and connotations relating to nature and seasons. The fabric is seasonal, and one example would be the falling leaf skirt and handbag. The fabric pattern leaves are flowing in a downward position.

Could you explain your design philosophy?

Made with professional women in mind. This pattern refers to the fall season and leaves falling off the tree onto the ground. This also can mean that seasons change as well as a new beginning in one’s life. We like to provide an exceptional online buying experience of modern and unique African fabric design and glamour. This is especially true for the busy professional woman on the go. We cater to those who delight in looking classy in an outstanding way while turning heads and feeling good on the inside as they look on the outside. Our one-stop shopping provides easy access to the right fashion choices, saving precious time, and complementing self-confidence.

What is the vision for your brand?

I visualise how my clients love fashion and my innovative ideas in having them take a leap in trying new designs and loving their bodies and style choices even more. It is necessary to have skills where a designer thinks outside the box and allows creative skills to lead the way. I believe aspiring artists should reach out to other accessory vendors whether it be through social media groups online, meeting face-to-face groups, business-building seminars and more. We will be able to showcase all of our beautiful pieces and accessories for the world to see at London Accessory Week. Being live at the event is important so that local fashion lovers will see what we have to offer as well.


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