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Soybean Bags Limited: Pioneering Sustainable Fashion | London Accessory Week

Can you tell us about your background in brief and how did you start your brand?

I studied law and also work as a full-time lawyer. I found that I needed an outlet to fulfil my creative side. I studied photography which is something that I still love today. I now design backpacks and handbags. I had the idea for a backpack about five years ago when I was diagnosed as a Type 1 diabetic. I was travelling to the office with my laptop and all my diabetic supplies to keep me alive and it usually consisted of a backpack and other bags. When I wanted to go out for lunch, if I didn’t have a handbag, I would have to carry my supplies in another bag or my hands. When I discussed it with colleagues, everyone had the problem of carrying multiple bags to the office. So, I designed a bag that fits the modern-day woman’s life. One that could adapt to work, exercise and after-work life.

What are the things that encourage you?

Everyday objects. My bag is structured. When I studied photography, I would love shooting architecture and objects. My bags take on the same structural approach of objects/buildings. Who inspires you? Paul Smith is an inspiration to me! Like Paul Smith, I wanted the insides of my bags to be as beautiful as the outside. A lot of bags are black or plain inside. I wanted to open it up and see something that makes you smile.

My proudest moment

Just hearing how people use and love my bags. I have a lot of customers in the medical field and it makes me happy that my backpack helps organise their long shifts.

What are your future plans?

I want to make a bag with cactus leather! I am so excited by it and I can’t believe how beautiful it is and how it looks like leather.


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