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Exploring Rosana Shoes' Approach To Fashion And Sustainability | London Accessory Week

How did you decide to start a show brand?

I consider myself to be an ever-exploring person. As a shoe designer, I can easily adapt to changes until I’m fully satisfied with my work. Many artistic activities have awakened my curiosity to experiment, being dancing part of my childhood and teenage years in Argentina. First, it was ballet, then jazz, and finally Tango which I have danced for 18 years now. Tell us a bit about your brand! I personally select the exclusive materials myself. Rosana Shoes are carefully designed to be comfortable, elegant and individually handcrafted. The special sole is designed to have a better grip towards the floor and make the shoes flexible enough to allow foot articulation and still be very supportive. They are mainly to be used on the dance floor, however, the same models can be adapted for street wear by choosing a different sole.

How and when did you launch your shoe brand?

In Argentina, Tango is a passion. I’ve always carried it in my veins and it flourished, even more, when I began dancing many years ago. It’s a “one-way journey” … once you learn to dance you never stop loving it. I’ve always been attracted to shoe designing and felt that by creating my own line, I could improve and produce the shoes the way I like. Having a very delicate foot myself, it has always been complicated for me to find comfortable dancing shoes. Many summers ago, I attended a workshop in a shoe factory. When I finished, shoe design made its place on my bucket list, only to be picked up “someday”. Several years later, the pandemia struck our lives and left us with a lot of spare time at our disposal. It was then that the idea was reflected… and it has been a success ever since!

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I like to observe colours and textures. At times, I may come across a material or pattern and try to imagine what it may look like on a shoe. Or else, it happens that I am looking for specific material and I happen to find a better one by chance. Many times, the inspiration comes from the Tango dresses as I try to play with several combinations in my head. Since I also dance, I know what a professional dancer may demand and what a casual dancer or student may need. My inspiration is mainly the people and their needs. Comfort is Queen.

We would love to hear about your studio/making time and how you connect with your clients!

I mostly sell online, through and we have some distributors. We would like to incorporate more along the way. We don’t have a distributor in Europe, for example, and we’re looking for the right partner.


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