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Humour Infused Socks & Fashion? Pon Studio Has What You Need! | London Accessory Week

Tell us a little about you and your brand. Who are you, and what products do you design for your brand?

Pon Studio was founded in London in 2021 by two Chinese designers and artists who graduated from the Royal College of Art. "Pon" represents the furry creature, also a metaphor for curiosity, passion and joy. Pon Studio is dedicated to delivering humour and fun to life through the realization of a visual design in real everyday life.

What are your sources of inspiration?

We study different majors in uni, product design and illustration. We aim to blur the boundaries between artistic creation and product design and to apply our aesthetic concepts to our products. Our brand is strongly influenced by Asian culture and our home country China. Our Kingyosukui Candle is inspired by the traditional Japanese Summer festival game "Kingyosukui" - scooping goldfish in the pond. We also have a special candle design made for the year of the Tiger called "Lucky Tiger”.

How do you feel about showcasing your design at London Accessory Week?

We are very excited to participate in London Accessory Week, which is a great opportunity to meet more like-minded people. Offline interaction with everyone is more direct. Our new product takes advantage of this opportunity to meet the public offline for the first time. We will design and produce more products in the future. There will also be many offline pop-up activities with different themes to create our own artist alliance. We want to provide a platform for more artists to export their product brand culture.


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