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Transforming Your Imperfections Into Perfection With Lovely Contour | London Accessory Week

Who are you, and what products do you design for your brand?

I am Natasha Polk, a native of Buffalo, NY and the Founder and CEO of Lovely Contour; a brand curated for women consisting of hand-made wigs with the option of including accessories such as manufactured lashes and fashionable sunglasses to complete your style of choice. We specialize in creating and cultivating hairstyles to assure you will look absolutely beautiful and professionally stunning no matter the occasion. Appropriate styles if you’re working for corporate America, on vacation, networking events, or an evening planned for a lady's night out. Lovely Contour can accommodate you for any and every occasion.

What made you start this brand?

After experiencing a form of traction alopecia caused by the pulled force of strenuous hairstyling. As a woman, such as many who love the convenience of changing hairstyles. I decided to observe the work of professional wig makers/hairstylists and made the choice to test the waters by purchasing the items needed to create my own. I became my own walking billboard by wearing the wigs I created for myself. The feedback I received was amazing! After receiving requests to create wigs for others, Lovely Contour was born.

How would you describe your products?

The wigs I create for women are highly requested by corporate professionals to entertainers. Wigs have also been created for women experiencing hair loss due to circumstances as well as for women who just prefer a protective hairstyle or to change their look without compromising their natural hair. It is our mission to make our wigs look as natural as possible.

What has been your proudest moment?

When I was encouraged to post my work on social media for the first time and within minutes I was contacted by a very well-known radio personality in my city inquiring about my work. Normally your first customer or client is your friend or a family member, but a radio personality! I knew at that moment that the sky will not be just the limit for this brand. As I continue to develop my craft, I decided to add other accessory favourites to the brand. Including the option to purchase hair extensions for women who prefer not to wear wigs.

Which of your designs is your favourite? Can you tell us the story behind it?

I have two design favourites. My favourite wig to create is my wavy texture wig. They are low maintenance and easy to sustain. Perfect for vacations or last-minute unexpected occasions. I call it my “wet, mousse and go unit” because that is literally all you have to do and continue on with your day. Another favourite is our signature sunglasses that are designed with our brand initials and logo name. There is just something about seeing the logo of your brand on a product come to life.

What are you currently working on?

I am happy to announce that Lovely Contour has a Wig Care Collection Line to extend the longevity of our wigs along with our signature Lovely Contour exuberant and executive style handbags currently in progress.


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