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JLD Greeting Cards & Such: From Personal Passion To God's Calling | London Accessory Week

Could you introduce yourself and what products you design?

My name is Joyce Dowridge. I own a small greeting card business. I design greeting cards of a special unique nature. My greeting cards speak to the heart of life’s events and provide a real sentiment to the recipient.

What is JLD Cards & Such LLC?

JLD Cards & Such is a God-given business. Back in the day when there were brick-and-mortar greeting card stores, I would go in to buy a card and spend some time in there looking for the right card with the right words. I never could find a card that expressed what I felt. Having done this for years, I decided to create my own cards. I never thought of it as a business because I would only create it for family, friends and myself. One day I was praying for a business, and God let me know that I already have a business. I asked what business I have? I heard in my spirit, “Your cards.” After I heard that, JLD Cards & Such was born. That was in 2005. Being a poet also, this really enabled me to write words that you won’t find in a basic card. That’s because I write from my heart. I officially started my brand in 2018.

Where do you get the inspiration to write the cards?

Writing these cards comes from God and my life. I can word the cards based upon my own life and the journey I have been on thus far. Therefore, no journey is designed for just one person. I feel everyone has experienced love, loss, celebration and life events and my cards speak to that.

Could you give us a description of your product concept?

My cards are unique in design because it addresses sentiments of the heart and comes from a poetic and prophetic flow, which makes them unique and special cards that make for a keepsake.

What made you start a brand about greeting cards?

I love greeting cards. First, they have a sentiment in them that speaks volumes to the person receiving them. Giving greeting cards also lets the other person know that you care. I like being thoughtful and that’s why I create them.

Do you have a signature style?

My signature style is putting a Bible scripture on each card. My most popular cards are the Best Friends cards and the Detroit Themed cards. People relate to the Best Friend cards because they can show their friend's appreciation in written words. People that live or have lived in Detroit can relate to the monuments that are on each card. These cards are quite popular.

Do you have a favourite design? Can you tell us the story behind it?

My favourite designs are my Detroit Themed cards. One reason they are my favourites is that my granddaughter is the photographer of each card. The other reason is that I call Detroit home and these cards represent it in pictures.


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