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Escape To A Natural Oasis For Your Hair Care With Island Potions | London Accessory Week

For those who don't know your brand yet, what would you tell them about it? And about yourself?

I am Trish Croke, the CEO, Founder and Curator of Island Potions Ltd. I started my company in 2015 with my first product. I then incorporated it in 2018. A business that targets primarily people with natural hair. I work a full-time job as an Executive Assistant to the President of a local trust company. I also trade and teach the Forex market. I love to be out in nature taking photos of my lovely Island, spending time with family, and friends, nature walks, beaching, boating, marketing and creating.

What is the target audience for your brand?

My target audience for my products is from ages 10 to seasoned 60. I enjoy young people who show an interest in learning how to take care of their hair from an early age and those who are seasoned and want to get away from chemicals and instead how to get their hair back to good health.

What does your business line consist of?

My business line consists of products which can be used by those with natural hair, who get their hair chemically treated, and dreadlocks. They vary from hair gels, oil and cream-based treatments, growth oil, beard oil, scalp oil, tea rinses, co-wash soaps, colour edge control, exfoliating shampoo, and conditioner. I then added hand-poured candles and aromatherapy sprays.

What is the philosophy for your business?

My business philosophies emerge from wanting people to have a healthy constitution which allows them to have healthy hair. I look at people's hair and men's beards every day during my travels in which I offer my services, hand out my business card and recommend my personalised consultation services.

What is your dream project for Island Potions?

My dream project is to one day, have my own boutique (hopefully funded) in the UK. I want to create a space for my customers to come, sit, relax, have a beverage in a comfy atmosphere, talk about hair and get their hair done in a non-traditional environment.

What's coming next for Island Potions?

I am aiming to start is selling my products in the UK, USA and the Islands. I get many requests but the cost of shipping from my Island outweighs the cost of the product.


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