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Infinite Choice: Accessible Luxury Handbags For The Modern Consumers | London Accessory Week

How and when did you start your accessory brand?

The idea behind London JONES came to me several years ago, having travelled on several occasions between London and New York while working with other designer brands I noticed that there was something missing. There were no new handbag brands catering to consumers at an affordable mid-range price point.

What are your sources of inspiration?

My mother and I also had the great opportunity to work closely with two leading fashion brands, my interactions with the founders were, inspiring. They took the time to tell me about their visions and beginnings. I saw that anything was possible.

Who is the target audience for your products?

Our target market consists of three different segments..

Trend Conscious: Generally spending £60-£85 on a handbag. They are looking for colour and style - they tend to want to be noticed and are willing to make a fashion statement. Quality is extremely important.

Rebellious: Generally spending £55-£100 on a handbag. Loving trendy, chic and whatever is in for the season – they will purchase something on a whim – sale or not! They tend to mix expensive and inexpensive looks together to create their own style. British & New York

Fashion Followers: They must have something that represents British fashion or New York streetwear. They are fearless and are famed for their individual sense of style. They are often described as having a “thrown-on” feel to what they wear.

What's the proudest moment in your accessory/ beauty brand owner or artistic career? What makes you a happy creator?

Seeing my vision come to life after years of producing prototypes and various design concepts. Seeing consumers carrying my handbags, during the course of their day - makes my day.

What's your accessory styling advice for your clients?

No one handbag is perfect for every occasion or season. Colour is always important, be who you are, and wear want you want, style is an individual choice.

Tell us one secret that not many designers or customers know about accessory making and creation.

Colour, Colour, colour – even the greatest designs will not sell if the colour is not right. What's your prediction on trends for accessories?

What style or colour would you recommend for 2022 autumn/winter?

With the pandemic seemingly coming to a close, people will be out and about once again. Handbag size will range from small to medium as we have learned to scale down. The colours for 2022 fall/winter will be violets – oranges – blues.

Do you have anything else you would like to let London Accessory Week readers and customers know about you and your brand?

Without saying a word your style tells the story of who you are. Say something interesting with London JONES.


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