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Weather Proof Your Shoes & Style: Gctech Design's Tips And Tricks | London Accessory Week

How would you describe your design concept?

My design concept was that you didn’t need to sacrifice style and fashion because it was raining or snowing. I design shoe covers that are fashionable and do not detract from your desire to look good! Our shoe covers protect most styles of men’s shoes from the elements. They are lightweight, weatherproof and very attractive. Hence our mantra is We’ve Got You Covered!

Why do you do what you do? What do you like about your job?

I love solving problems. I love a challenge and I love creating beautiful things.

How and when did you start your accessory brand?

I started my accessory brand in 2011. I was so frustrated ruining my own shoes when trying to look stylish even in the weather that I designed a shoe cover for women to wear over stilettos, kitten heels and flats. I decided to include a men’s version since the men’s products on the market were so unattractive.

What's the proudest moment in your accessory brand owner career? What makes you a happy creator?

My proudest moment was in 2012 when my first company, Grace Carter Design which designed and manufactured women’s shoe covers, won the 2012 Best Travel Accessory Award from Travel and Leisure magazine. We were invited to Berlin to accept our award and featured in the magazine’s Best Travel Accessory Awards section.

What's your accessory styling advice for your clients?

Don’t let the weather hold you back from looking your absolute best. It’s a shame to destroy the look of a beautifully tailored suit with big galoshes due to the weather. Our shoe covers are sleek, discreet, stylish and beautiful. They are designed to go with many fashion-forward looks.

Which of your designs is your favourite? Can you tell us the story behind it?

My favourite design is the zip-up shoe cover. I reviewed other products on the market and none completely covered the shoe without seeming clunky. I knew there had to be a better look. Our zip-up shoe cover completely covers and protects nice shoes without compromising style.

How do you feel about showcasing your design at London Accessory Week?

We are very excited about showcasing our designs at London Accessory Week. I feel that our products would appeal greatly to the European market relating to weather, style and walkability.

What are your future plans? Are you any exciting projects or new collections underway? Tell us about it!

Our plan is to expand our line to include many other colours for a wider audience appeal. We are currently in collaboration with a custom suit designer to complement each other’s products.


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