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Meet Eleni Bantra: The Brand Redefining Colorful Accessories | London Accessory Week

Tell us about your brand and designs.

My designs capture my love for the delicate and sheer undiscovered patterns that exist around us. The brand brings to life the authenticity, uniqueness and wonderful complexity of everything that surrounds us using one of the most innovative human creations - the microscope. The collection consists of both silk and leather accessories, and most of them are brand-new additions compared to the last collection. The silk range includes 90x90cm and 45x45cm scarves, double-sided twillies, as well as skinny and original scrunchies made from printed excess silk. The leather range includes shoulder bags, bucket bags, cardholders and keyrings with printed details on recycled canvas.

What is your main source of inspiration?

This derives from the beautiful and microscopic patterns that exist around us and cannot be seen with the naked eye. The dynamic shapes and colours of the designs result from the combination of these unseeable organic structures of nature and the geometric shapes of those man-made instruments one needs to see. In this way it creatively and equally utilizes the factors “nature” and “man”, while at the same time, organically combining art with science, going beyond what is obvious at first sight. The magic behind the creation of my collections. The thing is that I can never predict what I will discover under the microscope. There is nothing to expect, no prejudice and it all depends on the stains used to dye the sample, the magnification and the angle of the microscope lenses. Everything is unique and gives me this “WOW” feeling every time. We, as humans, are also part of nature and every one of us is different and special in our own way.

The Pollen design is the strongest one I have created so far.

The name was given after the original sample I photographed under the microscope – a honey bee's posterior leg. Honey bees have three pairs of legs which split into six segments, making them very flexible. The fourth segment of an insect leg, the tibia, holds the pollen basket, which is a smooth area with long hair and serves to transport pollen.

My hope is to build a healthy brand.

I think the pandemic reminded us that planning our future is very hard, although you cannot stop dreaming. By embracing new technologies and adapting to consumer lifestyle changes, my goal is to create a “buy less, choose well, make it last” reputation around the brand.


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