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Glamming Up The Accessories World: Element Of Glam Takes The Stage | London Accessory Week

How did you start your accessory brand?

I kept on creating my own clothes since I was little. It started with clothes for my dolls when I was in primary school, but quickly changed to creating my own outfits. Over the past years, my personal style changed from being more colourful to strictly black/white monochrome, but I got more invested in wearing accessories. Often, I only found very colourful and playful pieces, which is not my style, and outstanding usually meant heavy or uncomfortable to wear. That led to starting my own accessories brand ELEMENT OF GLAM. Statement accessories yet minimalist and comfortable to wear.

Can you describe your signature style?

Signature Style, that is easy. Black/white monochrome, minimalism (independent if for business, casual or for an elegant occasion) – accessorised with statement pieces with graphical design or gold colour. My consumers' feedback, was that they were surprised by how easy they can wear my statement earrings, and they really like the understated design.

What styling advice do you give your clients?

Just wear what makes you feel good. Accessories can change the direction of a look completely. So, the same look with 2 different sets of accessories can change based on your occasion and your mood. Ever changed your office look to a more casual look going out with your friends, in minutes?

How would you describe your designs?

My accessories are outstanding yet minimalist and comfortable to wear at the same time. It is not about making compromises if you wear accessories, but I truly believe you can have both. The design is inspired by what I like most, and you will find graphic patterns and the dominance of black/white and gold colour throughout all of the products.

What's your favourite design from your collection?

From my collection, I love THE HEXAGONS. They are lightweight wood earrings plated with 23k gold. Gold is my favourite colour for accessories my usual minimalist black/white monochrome wardrobe. Wearing big earrings often meant that my earlobes hurt by the end of the day. These earrings have an edgy glam, being gold while the black wood comes through due to its special vintage finish. I can wear it to a more classic or office wardrobe as well as to jeans and a T-Shirt. What I love so much is that those are outstanding/visible to everybody, but so light that I even forget wearing them.


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