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AECOVET's Eleventh Hour Collection: Versatile Shoes For Every Occasion | London Accessory Week

How would you describe your brand? What products do you design?

AECOVET is about passion for shoes - being the covet of many because these gorgeous sets of shoes make you feel what you already are, exquisite. Our trademarked brand 'Eleventh Hour Collection' has shoes for both men and women to wear when taking on the world whether it be a work meeting or a social gathering. We design every pair with the intention that they look and feel unique. Our shoes are limited edition and are handcrafted in Italy with genuine Italian materials. Eleventh Hour Shoe Jewellery is shoe accessories that can be added to a shoe to switch up the look, dress up the shoe and have interchangeable accessories.

What made you start a shoe brand?

Shoes just make us happy. It is purely and solely out of love. (Yes, the pun is intended hahaha!). We want to do this. Personally, I am happiest when I am creating something and Elysse is thriving as a young entrepreneur. I had seen her potential at a young age and now I can honestly say she is the consistent momentum because of the daily tasks needed to run this business. This business requires a lot of investment of time, energy and even capital but honestly, it has been worth every bit of it.

Which is your favourite design from the collection?

The Morocco Pumps is one of our favourite designs. They were the first design which came at a time when I was craving to break out of my routine of working long hours. I did not know at the time but I already had cancer. Many nights I woke up at 3 or 4 in the morning, wondering if this was as good as it gets. Someone recommended writing in a journal but all I could do was draw shoes and ornaments for shoes. I did some soul-searching and realized shoes make me happy so I started designing shoes and working with a company in Italy. So the design is fearless like a wild cheetah. The green suede was the peace from nature that I was yearning for. The yellow soles are the aura of joy within. To me, those Morocco pumps represented the release of my fears, the renewal and joy of my soul.

Is there any project or moment you feel especially proud of?

My proudest moment was at the actual launch of our website. It is one thing to say one wants to do something but to actually accomplish it and see it in action is just priceless. It is the collection of all the hard work, creativity, investment, determination, and most of all, the support from Elysse and my husband, that made this possible.

What, according to you, is the one thing needed to be a successful entrepreneur?

Relentless and determined belief is the number one thing needed to be a successful creator in just about anything. Take advantage of the creativity when it is flowing, capture it and put your ideas out there. Speak it into existence and invest your time and energy into making it happen. Yes, it will require some type of financial investment and possibly even training/education to grow and refine your skills. The hardest part is just starting. Once you do, just keep going, even if it is not perfect, even when you think you lost your momentum. You did not lose it. It is just a cycle of creativity.


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