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We have to admit that the fedora and trilby hats are often mistaken for one another, although they both carry their own unique touch. The lack of understanding of the particularity of each one, what their shape is and how to wear them has created a lot of confusion and controversy. So, what is the difference between a Fedora and a Trilby hat? Let’s clear this up for once and for all!

The Fedora Hat

The Fedora reached its peak of popularity in the 70’s, it can be worn as a casual or formal hat due to the material it is made of: wool felt, and fur felt for chilly weathers or straw (Panama Hat) for summer wear. The Fedora has an accentuated pinch in the front of the crown with a slightly wider brim, between two and two and half inches. Note that the fedora’s brim can be snapped up or down whether for styling purpose or for protection.

This vintage style hat has been very famous in gangster movies and is a must-have accessory for jazz musicians.

The Trilby Hat

And then comes the trilby! It’s more of a casual and practical accessory, and usually made of inexpensive materials such as cotton, wool and straw. It is a very popular accessory for hipsters and neckbeards. The design of the trilby is mostly patterned with a bowl on the top which is the most identifying feature. Unlike the fedora, the trilby’s brim is permanently fixed and smaller.

It’s time to choose your personal style between a Fedora and Trilby, now that you know the difference between the two. Which one would you pick?


London Accessory Week Team


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