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Empowering Tales of High Maintenance Jewellery | London Accessory Week

What is the story behind the launch of your company?

I am a jewellery designer and the owner of High Maintenance Jewellery. We specialise in creating bespoke jewellery pieces, with a mission to provide a quality personal experience where each piece of jewellery tells a story. Injecting a unique and full flavour into each piece, we take you on a colourful journey and make you a strong part of the creativity along the way.

What inspired you to create your brand, and how did you go about starting it?

High Maintenance Jewellery was established in 2009 and has since grown to become a recognised and independent British brand. Our name represents silent confidence filled with sincerity, with the words 'High Maintenance' carrying a positive connotation that embraces female empowerment and self-worth. We are a brand that promotes and strongly believes in self-love, confidence, kindness, and self-respect.

Image: High Maintenance Jewellery founder

Can you talk about where you find inspiration for your work?

Structure is a significant asset to our work, and thus, I am often inspired by the architecture of buildings, chapels, and office blocks. We add a soft and smooth touch to the structure to create our jewellery pieces, along with a statement colour or metallic shine. Our signature style is 'structure with softness.

Can you explain the creative process behind your designs/products?

High Maintenance Jewellery stands out from the crowd with our well-recognized personal and professional approach when working with our valued clients. Diversity is a strong element that I bring to the brand, ensuring that our jewellery is highly sought after

For someone who is new to your brand, what would you recommend they start with?

Be open to broadening your style, but also stay true to yourself. HMJ designs with one eye on creativity and the other on affordability. We cater to you and your individual look.

Image: High Maintenance Jewellery founder

What sets your brand apart from others in the market?

In 2016, I was personally approached by the NHS Hull & East Yorkshire Women’s and Children’s Hospital to design and create a pendant for patients who suffer the loss of an unborn child. The 'forget-me-not' pendants are placed inside the Hull EPAU and Cedar Ward memory boxes, which each patient can choose to receive. These pendants are also available for purchase on our website. For every 'forget-me-not' pendant that is purchased, I donate another pendant to the Hull & East Yorkshire EPAU and Cedar Ward at the hospital. The 'forget-me-not' pendant has become popular throughout the United Kingdom and has recently been requested in North Carolina and St Louis in the U.S.A. I am extremely honoured and in awe of the impact that these pendants have had and continue to have on the people who receive them.

What can we expect from High Maintenance Jewellery in the near future?

After completing our 'Dark Bohemian Daze' 2023 collection for London Accessory Week, we are ready to expand further. I have thoroughly enjoyed working on everything, from sketching the designs to sourcing materials, and creating the finished pieces. We will showcase this collection throughout the summer at major festivals and bring the bohemian vibe to our online store in similar versions.

Image: High Maintenance Jewellery founder


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