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Embracing Nature with Roo Handcrafted Baby Essentials | London Accessory Week

Tell us a little about you and your brand. Who are you, and what products do you design for your brand?

We are two passionate siblings, coming from completely different yet complementary backgrounds. Roo is our home-grown business that makes baby garments and essentials.

Bringing the ethos to the brand, Farah has empathy, relevance and knowledge about motherhood and child development. She has studied Psychology and has vast experience as a Doula and Child & Adolescent Psychologist. She has a good eye for design, manages the ins and outs of the business and plans all the content of the brand.

As for Youssef, he believes that with every calculated risk there should be a worthy reward. His perspective sprouts from his journey in Corporate Finance and Banking. He has studied Finance and holds a CFA level 1. Youssef takes care of financing and risk assessment.

We offer baby garments for ages 0 to 24 months, athleisure sets for ages 2-7Y, and baby essentials (eg. baby wraps, towels, blankies, swaddles, rattle toys, pacifier clips and wooden clothes hangers).

Image: Roo inspiration

What are your sources of inspiration?

Nature, practicality (we listen to our mama roo's needs)

Do you have a signature style? Tell us more about your most popular designs.

If we would have to pick one design, it would have to be our first Onesie. Our first collection was a selection of 6 pastel colours offered in 6 sizes. Coupled with a right execution strategy the market quickly acknowledged the quality of the product, and our credibility to deliver on what we claim and most importantly they acknowledged the values of our brand and its desired effects on the community. Following that first collection, Farah became more determined to materialize her visions in style. Ensuring the connection to nature and offering finest quality, our subsequent collections all share pastel color inspirations, softest material and prioritize functionality.

Image: Roo's collection

Which of your service or product is your favourite? Can you tell us the story behind it?

Our favorite product has to be the baby wrap. It is a long smooth cloth that helps you carry your baby in multiple ways including your front and back, hands free! Inspired form the pouch that hugs the joey and protects him from all harm, this product, much like the pouch, allows you to hold your baby closely while you are naturally and comfortably going about your day. The baby wrap empowers mothers and makes them feel that they can do all they need and want to do, without leaving or worrying about what their little one is up to.

Tell us one secret that not many people know about your products or services?

We, the founders, are the ones who directly communicate to our customers. We don't use moderators for our social media and handle wishes and complaints ourselves.

Image: Roo signature style

Image: Roo founders


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