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If you do not own summer scarves it is about time to purchase a few to look fabulous this season. But if you have been hoarding some expecting to use them after the lockdown, here is an article to show you some chic ways of wearing your scarves this summer.

Over the head

Whether it’s sunny as Madrid or moody as London, you can always make use of scarves to protect your hair from direct sunlight, wind, and rain. This is one of the most feminine and elegant ways to wear your scarves. Choose prints and colours that complement your outfit as you can see in the picture above.


Plain scarves work best for Necktie style. If you choose nude or pastel colours it will serve as an elegant element and if you choose to go for brighter colours like above it will be an eye catching piece of your outfit.

Light layer

Is it too hot for jackets but still cold in the shade or inside the ventilated place? Your scarf will come for rescue; you can wear it as a light layer and remove it anytime you want and put it into your purse. It also adds a ladylike look to your style.

Head band

Style your hair using a scarf. Fighting humidity can get tough and there is not always time to style your curly or wavy hair, use a scarf instead of boring ponytails or buns. A scarf headband also looks cute on straight hair. Match it with your pretty dress or simply match your makeup with your scarf.

Style your bag

Tie a scarf on your bag handle and add a pinch or elegance or playfulness to your daily style. You can always switch its purpose and it can save you from the sun or become an interesting hairband. It is always nice to have a stylish accessory near at hand.

Stay in trend this summer, and we will come back with more tips on how to wear scarves in different ways.


Nilufar from London Accessory Week Team


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