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The 2021 trend for accessories can be described in two words: Massive and More.

Let’s see what you already have and what is missing from your treasure box. Next are the list of best stylish choices of jewellery for you to stay in trend.


Pearls have always been second friends of a girl after diamonds, now is about time to show off finest pearl jewellery. It has always been a sign of royalty and grace and this year it also is the sign of good fashion taste and style. It can now be matched not only with elegant dresses and high heels but also be part of the most fashionable looks.

Crush metal

Metal does not always have to be moulded into a smooth shape to be accepted as a fine jewellery. Now is the time when chunky metal jewellery shines a little brighter. Abstract shapes of crushed metal necklace, ring or a bracelet looks so bold and beautiful. Choices are boundless, so go ahead and pick the one that suits you the most if you don't already have it.


Chains are back in style. The trendiest ones are the big metal chains with even bigger pendants. But if you are not a fan of big chains or struggle to adopt this trend into your personal style you can always go for a smaller and more elegant gold chain and still be on trend.

Long earrings

Earrings can immediately perk up any look that you are carrying and this year longer the perkier. Choices are endless, pearls, metal, chain, floral and it can continue forever. If they are massive and colourful, they can serve as a key element of your style while long gold chain earrings can serve as an elegant touch to your already complete look.


After the whole year of travel restrictions and lockdowns we all missed our trips to the beach with the sun, water and sugar-white sand. Adding a little bit of beach vibes to our style will lighten up the mood and bring back those warm feelings. And hopefully soon, we will all have our well-deserved vacations at the beach.

Till then, stay safe and gorgeous!

Lots of love,

Nilufar from The Accessory Circle Team


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