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Are you a hat person or longing to become one? Hats are such a distinguishable element that is able to take your outfit to a whole new level with the right choice of it. It is like a cherry on top of a cake, only makes it more charming. If you are overwhelmed with where to start your hat journey from, here are the steps for you to find your styles of hat that work best for you.

Step 1 Know your measurements

Look for a size guide and get your measurements so you know your perfect hat size. Also get a general guide on the styles as styling a hat can be a bit tricky sometimes. If you are petite you might want to avoid too wide hats as it might visually shorten you. Read our “What hat styles will suit my face?” from our inspiration page to find out more about your unique style.

Step 2 Neutral colours for the start

If you know your colours, you are good to skip this step. But if you are in doubts, always go with black, or neutral colours. They go well with most colours and easy to match with other accessories. You can also use a colour wheel to get further with your choices.

Step 3 Experiment

Because why not? Experiments are fun! When you are a little comfortable wearing hats, try something new every time and you will start seeing which ones you prefer and which ones fit your style the best. Add more colours and try different elements: feather fur or metal.

Keep trying new colors and styles and you will find the ones that work best for you.

Step 4 Make it a key element

Once you found your favourite hat or two, try building your look around it. Make it a centre piece and match other components to its colour and shape. This could become your favourite outfit. And keep looking, there might always be a hat out there waiting to become your new favourite.


Nilufar from The Hat Circle Team


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