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With Tote Bags back in trend with a lot of designers put out their version of Totes in the upcoming Spring/Summer 2021 collection. In this spring market, totes are making a huge appearance. But how can we style a tote bag? Well, the following are five ways to style totes without looking (sometimes) like you are taking a trip to the marketplace.

Style 1: Printed Totes

Spring and Summer are usually associated with sunshine, bright prints and loud colour. So, what better way to enter Spring than to incorporate prints into your style. Printed totes work great with plain dresses but even better with printed ones like in the image below. It can be paired with a pair of sandals and some jewellery to go with. Bold prints and loud colours scream Summer and make your outfit feel more fun.

“The La Double J Totes”

Cardini (2020)

Style 2: The Extra-Large Tote: The Ways to Style a Tote

Extra-large Totes have been in fashion since the 2000s, but they seem to be making a comeback again this year. Along with being able to hold most of your stuff, these amazingly useful totes also help to make a statement from your outfit. Pairing them with even the most simple and boring outfit will automatically make the whole look bolder like this large black leather tote bag by “Khaite” which was specifically designed to make women feel bolder and stronger.

“The Bold-Black Extra Large Tote Bag”

Farra (2020)

Style 3: Keeping it Classy

A simple classic leather tote bag would go well with any outfit. However, keeping it classy doesn’t have to mean the look would be dull. This brown leather tote bag by Dior is a classic tote bag however the extravagant design and cutting on the bag makes it look priceless.

“Christian Dior Classic Tote Bag”

Madsen (2020)

Style 4: Keeping it Minimal

“Fendi Roma Minimal Bags” Source: Leitch (2020)

Tote bags are often associated with over the top and large bags. However, going in trend with minimalism, wearing a minimal monochromatic outfit and pairing it with a minimal tote bag like the one from Fendi Spring Summer Collection 21 will elevate your outfit to the next level.

Style 5: Keeping it Grandiose

Just because it is a simple tote bag does not mean it’s not stylish. This over-the-top leather tote bag by Givenchy proves just that. Style your outfit with a luxurious tote bag that creates a sense of grandiose and luxury from your outfit.

“Givenchy Spring 2021 – Tote Bag”

Madsen (2020)


Laksika from The Accessory Circle


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