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Did you know that often shoes are the first thing one looks at to evaluate your style and taste? Bet you didn’t! And if you did, then you know how important it is to pick the right shoes to complete your outfit.

A careful choice of shoes can not only walk you through life with better posture and an amazing mood, but it can also save a date, secure a job or even win you friends who appreciate a bit of styling advice. Do you want to make great first impressions? Keep reading!

Evening heels - Heels are number one must-have regardless of your occupation or interests. Every girl has a situation when they can use a pair of heels to save the day. Black or beige is essential. If you already own the basics, then you can go bold with the next pairs of heels where choices and colours are endless.

White sneakers - Pair of timeless white sneakers can never fail your style. Weekends with comfort, Instagramable posts, casual outfits. Just a pair of white sneakers can complete pretty much any look and make you feel comfy at the same time.

Ankle books – unquestionably a must-have for all women! Be it a warm, cold or rainy day, there’s always a way to style your outfit with these amazing pair of boots. These are one of few shoes which can make any dress look charming. Apart from dresses and skirts, they also look gorgeous with a pair of jeans.

Ballerina shoes - Being one of the cutest choices Ballerina shoes are also lifesavers. All day on your feet? Spent last evening on heels? Ballerina shoes can come to rescue! They go hand in hand (or shall we say foot in foot) with any outfit and any style.

Oxfords - Oxfords are a good long-term investment. With the right kind of care, they will serve you long years. The best thing about them is they are never out of style. In addition to the stylish look, wearability & timelessness, comfort is the last but not the least feature I want to mention.

We will be back with more shoe styles. Till then.


Nilufar from London Accessory Week Team


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