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How De Velasco Accessories Are Elevating London Fashion | London Accessory Week

When did you create your brand and what are your signature products?

De Velasco is a Moroccan fashion brand, owned by two sisters (us), Wafaa and Sana Redwani. It was created by the Spanish designer Adolfo De Velasco, who was in partnership with our father. In 2012, we took over from our father and completely rebranded it to what it is today. The brand specialises in extravagant pret-a-porter designs and accessories. We have a variety of ranges to suit all budgets and tastes, from ready-to-wear beach caftans to luxurious Haute Couture. We also specialise in handmade accessories and they are indeed, our signature styles (of course this will be our main feature in the show!)

Tell us about yourselves!

Sana is a qualified fashion designer who was the first Moroccan to win an international fashion competition during her contribution in China. I (Wafa) have a degree in economy and a Master in International Marketing and Strategy from a renowned London university. Our father was the associate of the designer De Velasco so we decided to combine our qualifications, experience and inspiration from our fashion godfather to pursue our journey in fashion. We love what we do and don't see ourselves doing anything else! It's a career which always brings us new discoveries. Each day is unique. We have served and continue to serve very famous people and royalty from many countries. Through word of mouth, they come straight to us...sometimes, straight from the airport and we are very proud of that!

What are your best-selling products?

Our new cross-body bags and their matching necklaces. They are proudly handmade with silk thread and are one of a kind! We have a wide and varied colour palette to choose from and our customers can't get enough of the colours which is why we often sell out!

What are your future plans for the brand?

We want to be known internationally and recognised amongst the high-end fashion brands and we believe we have the distinct artisanal experience to do so.

How do you feel about working with the London Accessories Week?

We are so excited to be part of London Accessories Week! We value every opportunity to showcase our work internationally, however, the UK has a very special place in our heart - we have many customers from the UK, from designers to fashion lovers and we just love their eccentric and adventurous taste in fashion. British people are not afraid of colours and they are always willing to try new trends. We love that! It is so De Velasco!


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