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5 Home décor elements to set the mood in your living room

Small accessories make a big change that can make your living room cosier and more welcoming instantly without emptying your bank account. Let’s find out what these amazing unexceptional items are and how can you use them.


Cushions are the best way to turn a house into a comfy home. They can immediately make any room welcoming and can serve as an eye-catching element at the same time. Choose a base colour to start with and mix/match them with patterned ones. If you want to level up your cushion game, feel free to some extras for that extra comfy vibe. In that case, just go with your instincts for the rest.


Plants or even a single plant, be it a big one in the corner or a small one on a coffee table, are magical creatures that can add life to your living room. If you are worried about the mess or simply cannot maintain live plants due to your busy schedule, then artificial plants come to help.


We also recommend having a lamp on the counter which can be used in the afternoon or evening when the light is mainly needed to create a calm and warm atmosphere. After all, what’s a living room without a lamp?! It is hard to imagine ca complete decorated living room without a beautiful lamp next to the sofa.


Arts add some charm and fulfils the decor of your living room. If you are an art enthusiast you must already have some favourite artists whose works will have a special place in your heart and on your wall. Even if you don’t have any artists that you follow you can always find something interesting that will reflect your personality and hang it over your sofa.


Mirrors are so important! They give a glamourous touch to any room and makes it bigger and brighter during the day if placed on the opposite side of the window. Bigger mirrors make space look wider, so they are perfect if you want your living room to look perkier and capacious. You can also replace art or pictures on the wall with a small mirror in a frame.

We will share more décor advice and tips for you in our next articles.


Nilufar from London Accessory Week Team


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