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There is an unspoken rule in fashion that states any outfit is incomplete without a bag to go with it. Following are some designer handbags of this season.

Water-Bottle Bags

Single-use plastic bottles cause us and the environment more harm than good. Hence, why not opt for refillable bottles. This season’s water bottle carrier bags like that of Fendi and bottle holder by Louis Vuitton means that staying hydrated can also be glamorous. Fendi has a matching tote bag to go along with its mustard water bottle bag while Louis Vuitton is giving the classic LV monogram. What better way to stay hydrated than to do it in style?

“Fendi Bottle Holder” Cary (2020)

“LV Bottle Holder” LV HK (2021)

Fling Folders

Fling Folder bag is a two-dimensional bag shape that resembles a filing folder. These flat handbags elevate your outfit and make it look sleeker and more ‘put together’ like the brown leather fling folder bag by Hermès which they showcased in their Spring Summer 2021 collection.

“Hermes Leather Fling Folder Bag” Hermes (2021)

“Givenchy Croc-Skin Folder Bag” Givenchy (2021)

Whereas Givenchy is giving us the same look but a bit more opulent including beautiful white Croc Skin instead of plain leather.

Extra Large Totes

With last year trendy Micro bags, this year brings us the exact opposite trend: colossal Tote bags. While there was controversy on not being able to fit anything in the micro bags, this Spring/ Summer 21 brought us huge bags in which there is no problem for space.

“Hermes Leather Fling Folder Bag” Phelps (2021)

“Givenchy Croc-Skin Folder Bag” Givenchy (2021)

If you are the kind of person who has a lot of stuff, this trend is for you! Along with Jil Sander’s large black leather tote bag to the over-the-top extra-large brown leather bag by Givenchy, having extra space in style is no longer a problem.

Bags with unconventional shapes

If you are looking to instead spice up your outfit, any bag that doesn’t look like a bag will do the trick.

“Balenciaga Unconventional Shapes”

Source: Balenciaga (2021)

Any boring outfit with a triangle bag or a boxy bag will make it look like you put much more thought and effort into your outfit. The triangle Balenciaga bag coloured like sunshine and shaped like a Dorito chip helps to elevate any boring outfit.

Until next time,

Laksika from The Accessory Circle


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